Dear Fellow Golfer,

The dreaded S-word---SNOW---has arrived across the Gallatin Valley.  Golf has come to a halt. Will we open if a small miracle occurs and temperatures warm enough to melt the snow? Yes we will. Stranger things have happened but the chances are indeed slim.

Someone is in the proshop almost every weekday if you need any golf supplies for trips to warmer climates. We will again be having our Christmas gift card sale which we'll officially kick off right after Thanksgiving. For the really early Christmas shoppers, you know those crazy people who have EVERYTHING purchased, wrapped and ready to tuck under the tree before Thanksgiving, we can sell you your gift cards NOW.  We don't want you to be anxious about not being TOTALLY ready by December 3rd!  Just buy a $60 gift card and we'll give you an 18 hole bonus round at no charge. If you're ready, we're here for you.

As a tribute to the 100 anniversary of the PGA of America the PGA produced special videos that highlighted the best programs in each of the 41 sections.  Bridger Creek's senior Get Golf Ready program was spotlighted as part of the Rocky Mountain Section.  As part of the celebration Golf Channel broadcast these videos to the world.  We’re proud that our Get Golf Ready for seniors program was selected to be the highlight from the Rocky Mountain Section. The Golf Channel segment aired in the spring of 2016 and we're happy to share it with you. Here's the link--Enjoy.

We hope to see you soon.

Mark Holiday,
PGA Director of Golf


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